Mineral Resource Assessment Platform (MAP)

Mineral Resource Assessment Platform (MAP) is an EIT RawMaterials Upscaling project. The project started 1 January 2018, and its duration is three years. The project is funded by EIT RawMaterials, and the total budget is € 1.85 million. There are eight partners in the consortium.

The project will produce an enhanced and upgraded method and software for the quantitative assessment of undiscovered mineral resources, by integrating mineral prospectivity modelling and the three-part method. The testing phase of the software will produce valuable information on undiscovered resources in the Nordic countries and Germany, and on the Arctic deep ocean floor. The MAP software will increase the productivity of its users and create new business possibilities for service providers.

Identified user segments of the MAP software

Geological surveysMajor mining companies
Other mining companiesExploration companies
Consultant companiesUniversities
Research organisationsEnvironmental organisations
Political and regional organization